videoClick Image To Visit SiteFROM: Tara Felder TO: Loving But Frustrated Dog Owners RE: The 3 Essential Dog Commands And How To Teach Them

As a dog owner, you have a big responsibility on your hands. Aside from keeping him fed, happy and healthy, you also need to make sure he’s trained for both your benefit— and his.

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I love this book! As a writer of all things canine, as well as an advocate for positive training methods, I found this training guide to be right on target in terms of what a dog truly needs in order to be a well behaved, happy member of the household. This guide approaches dog training from the point of view that dogs are emotionally complex, acknowledging that they are not simply guided by corporal cause and effect training methods. Instead, through positive reinforcement and the fostering of a loving relationship, even dogs from the worst of situations can form strong bonds with their owners and develop a willingness to please. Throughout the guide, entertaining anecdotes about the author’s own “sticky” dog, Wil, help the reader see the reasoning behind each lesson, and also add an element of humor.   Additionally, the clicker training section is among the best I have seen!

I believe this book was written out of love and compassion for dogs, and not simply as a guide to gain control as a pack leader. I am excited to recommend this book to anyone looking to gain more knowledge about positive training methods, or those who are simply seeking a good at-home tutorial for training their own dogs, especially ones with difficult pasts.

Tara has a fantastic book here, and her training methods are superb! As a long – time dog trainer, avid enthusiast and devoted writer, I deal with dog related topics and concerns on a daily basis; it’s my job. I always say, when trying to teach a new behavior, it’s important to understand the dog’s… Read more…