Buy Now! – DOGGIE DON’T™ Device

Buy Now! - DOGGIE DON’T™ DeviceClick Image To Visit SiteThe Doggie Don’t Device is a revolutionary , humane and pain free hand held training device that will assist you in discouraging unwanted behaviors such as barking, pulling on the leash, barking at other dogs and jumping up.

The sound is audible to you and your dog. Doggie Don’t will quickly change your yappy dog into the zen like puppy you are striving for.

If Doggie Don’t can help any dog out there with a behavioral issue so that that dog is not returned to a Shelter and deemed unadoptable my work is done.

It is intended to be a distraction from unwanted behavior so that you can reward your dog for good behavior.

I couldn’t be more excited to receive the Doggie Don’t product in the mail yesterday! It’s completely harmless yet incredibly effective at stopping my dog’s incessant barking. ALREADY I no longer need to yell over loud barking EVER AGAIN! After only a hand full of uses all I now have to say is: “no barking” one time and she immediately stops because she does not want to hear the noise the Doggie Don’t product produces. And I’m fully confident this device would break up the worst of dog fights if I’m ever in that situation. This is the best dog correctional product EVER invented and I have so much more confidence as a calm assertive leader because of it. I will never pet sit or go to a dog park without it from now on and I will definitely be recommending “Doggie Don’t” to all my pet sitting clients for a long time to come!!

This device is unbelievable! Highly effective on my little yapper after only 3 times. She respects the device & listens to me much better. I have recommended it to my Doggie friends.

We have been testing out this device here and can say it does work. We are a busy boarding facility and by using Doggie Dont we have curbed excessive barking and unwanted behavior. The noise gets their attention and the… Read more…